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You’ve got to see it to believe it.

In our opinion, eBoats are the best way to explore calm waterways. Whether you’re exploring a canal in Venice, Italy or Intercoastal waterways in Southern Florida, the smooth and quiet ride of an electric boat is hard to beat.

For more 50 years, Duffy has manufactured the most reputable electric boats on the planet. Powered by batteries which charge at boat docks overnight, these electric boats deliver a cruising speed of 6mph and can carry a dozen passengers.

Just like other quality made vessels, eBoats’ hulls are constructed from hand laminated fiberglass, which is finished with a Hi Gloss UV protected gel coat to keep the exterior looking fresh for years. On the interior, its non-slip floor and all-weather windows make it possible to go boating year-round

Since 1970, the American-made boats have earned their place in the hearts of many boaters. Recently, the brand has gained popularity for rental boats. Unlike traditional pontoon boats, which have always been the most popular choice for rental boats, the affordable flat-rate rental price is attractive to many renters. eBoats don’t require any expensive marine-grade fuel, so the price is almost always cheaper than a pontoon. Plus, they’re easier to operate.

“It’s like driving a golf cart on the water,” is a saying you’ll hear from many eBoat drivers.

eBoats are probably the easiest boats to drive in the world. With its relaxing cruising speed , there’s no need to worry about Minimum Wake Zones or breaking speed limits, for eBoaters, it’s all about comfort. True, you can’t tow a tube or skier, but plush wrap around seating and a table for dining make experiences unlike any other.

For years, the layout, shapes and sizes have changed from the Manufacturer, Duffy. eBoats Tampa, who has the largest eBoat fleet in Florida, prefers the 21-foot long, 12 passenger models for their hourly rental.

“Our eBoats come equipped with everything needed for a great day on the water” says eBoats Tampa owner Kevin Fyfe. “From coolers stocked with ice to surround sound speakers with Bluetooth and Aux Cords, the boats are ready to go.”

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