Family owned and operated business

In 2011, while managing his Commercial Real Estate career and after starting a sailing charter business in downtown Tampa, Josh Dohring burst through the door and exclaimed to his wife, “I have an idea! Let’s start an electric boat rental business and activate the downtown Tampa waterfront.”  With a one-month old baby in her arms his wife’s expression was that of a new sleep-deprived mother…somewhere between are you crazy and heck no.  She used some sleepless nights to realize he was onto something special for Tampa.  Less than a year later, they introduced eBOATS TAMPA to the downtown landscape.

This venture was actually a lifetime in the making.  Josh grew up sailing, fishing and diving with his family in Florida.  After he graduated from Florida State University he set off to start a sailing charter business in the U.S. Virgin Islands with just a suitcase and a couple hundred dollars in his pocket.  He ran Best Day Charters successfully for six years before moving back to Tampa to become a commercial real estate broker.  However, the need to be on the water and create value on the waterfront is a constant in his life.  Josh the visionary and businessman combined his talents with those of his wife’s in an effort to invigorate Tampa’s best natural asset…her waterways.

Anndrea was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and a graduate of the University of Washington.  She had the honor to serve her country for almost a decade in the United States Army.  She brings the combination of her creativity, leadership and strategic organizational abilities to Josh’s entrepreneurial pursuits.  Josh and Anndrea chose a business that focuses on helping others enjoy life and doing it in a way that preserves Tampa’s environment for their children and someday grandchildren.

Josh, Anndrea and the eBoats Team are creating the tradition of a customer-focused, family-owned business that highlights Tampa’s waterfront.  In addition to providing the BEST service on the water, it is their passion to help others experience and explore the city and her waterways in a clean, quiet and the most relaxing way possible. Please feel free to provide your feedback on Facebook or send an email, so we can be sure our TEAM at eBOATS TAMPA lives up to its promise!